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InterActive Static

InterActive Static is a javascript library powered by jQuery that makes it easy to give users an interactive experience on an otherwise static HTML web page.

CSS Ready Web Safe Fonts (Typefaces)

Here is a list of CSS ready web safe typefaces, commonly called fonts; something every web developer/designer should have handy.

Python: Dict Slices

Here is a nifty little one line of code I wrote that shows how to slice a dictionary in Python.

Python: PEP 8 Brush Up

Keeping with my recent code optimizations, I did a little brushing up on PEP 8 - Python's Style Guide. Here's a short list of some things I need to pay more attention to.

Python: Passing Functions vs if/elif Boolean Flow Control

When working with Python, a long series of boolean if/elif statements can be replaced by creative use of Pythons native object oriented behavior to save a great deal of overhead. In PHP we have the switch statement to replace a long series of if/elseif statements, but in python functions are objects so we can put them into a dictionary.

Redistribution of Wealth: Why Rich Get Richer

I wrote this brief about the validity of "Redistribution of Wealth" while arguing with a complete stranger. Wealth is a buffer, a stabilizer, that affords greater wealth. 100% access to little things, like electricity, housing, food, clothing, and medicine, is what allows rich people the time to make investments in themselves, and thus become richer.

How Not to Write Python Code

I found this How not to write Python code article on Ikke's blog. I should start paying better attention to this kind of stuff.

Give Them What They Want

Times are tough, and we're only human. I believe in the power of humanity working together, in harmony.

How do I want?

I want to translate thought into action. I want to think fluid, like language, and command clearly and efficiently; not chopped, not broken, not fragmented.

Water Color Abstracts, Reflections

I found these while on a hunt for abstract water color paintings: Modern Abstract Watercolor by Mac Jamison Key West, Melody by Helen Malcolm, Axiom of Evil by Jeff Jagunich.